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Re: Video Card

Igor Cabral Corrêa wrote:

> GeForce MX 400 have good support under Linux?
> MX 400´s OpenGL hardware implementation and Linux drivers are satisfactory?

The support is excellent.

The (closed source - binary only) nVidia-supported driver is essentially
identical to the Windoze driver and tracks it closely.  It's not based
on the Mesa code-base.  You can download the driver from www.nvidia.org
where it's updated with new revisions every couple of months.

AFAIK, all of the nVidia OpenGL extensions are supported and I don't
know of any base OpenGL features that are missing.  The OpenGL revision
it supports is the current 1.3 version.

I use the driver with various GeForce cards both at work (where we have
100+ PC's using it for flight simulation applications) and at home (where
I write games for fun) and in various consultancy jobs - it's excellent.

HOWEVER - it's closed source and if that gives you headaches then I'd
advise sticking to a card with good Mesa support...which does *not*
include the GeForce range.

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