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Re: Site update

Rob Kaper wrote:

>I also sorted the list on alphabet (is more proper/neat), and kept a policy
>about links: the <a></a> only links a title. Subtitels and comments don't
>get linked along. I suggest we keep such a guideline for the entire site,
>clarity improves when we have a 'rule' for such things.

Yep, defining guidelines will be one of the major things to be discussed
after the announement.
(BTW: It now looks as if I _can_ be on IRC this Saturday after all)

>- the LGB part *will* continue to promote/suggest projects. However, there
>will be *one* featured project of the month. This allows us to work the
>project out more, and have more time for developers to join and all. Also, a
>monthly feature is easier to link from the homepage.

Sounds good.

>LGDC will not actually produce games, but we will suggest projects. This

.... and help setting projects up, get people together for initial
discussions etcetc

>As you might have seen, Altima requested developers on [fm]. Perhaps that is
>indeed one thing we can/should add to the "how to get started". Freshmeat
>was made for such announcements as well, and not just patches/updates. Of

Ok. Can you start some list about the "getting started" items we should

>longer featured (next month), a new one takes it's place and the project
>comes in the gameprojects list and probably in a "previous features" list.

Sure in a "previous features" list. Throwing information away is evil ;)

>By then the project should have a maintainer, mailinglist and website, so
>all new contributions can be done outside of LGDC.

Yep, that's a good point.

>Any suggestions on whether this would be appropriate for LGDC? And wish me
>luck on my exams.. =)

Weird time for exams... But of course good luck and even better learning
progress ;)


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