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Site update

I updated the gameprojects/index.html page:

 - removed KFootMan since the project is prolly not gonna be KDE specific,
   but more like an engine with different front-ends. Until a decent name
   and website are up I think it'd not good to list it.
 - added Altima, the free Ultima Online clone-alike.

I also sorted the list on alphabet (is more proper/neat), and kept a policy
about links: the <a></a> only links a title. Subtitels and comments don't
get linked along. I suggest we keep such a guideline for the entire site,
clarity improves when we have a 'rule' for such things.

Furthermore, I have been thinking of the integration of LGB into the site,
and where I think LGB should change. In the new site, the
developers-meet-projects thing wouldn't work. Also, it's a huge task to
update every mail submission I get. Besides, all these projects and
developers on one site, that has got to result in a mess.

Therefore I suggest this:

- the LGB part *will* continue to promote/suggest projects. However, there
will be *one* featured project of the month. This allows us to work the
project out more, and have more time for developers to join and all. Also, a
monthly feature is easier to link from the homepage.

LGDC will not actually produce games, but we will suggest projects. This
might not meet the actual goals, then again, it will attract developers and
also stimulate developers that visit the site but don't have those creative

As you might have seen, Altima requested developers on [fm]. Perhaps that is
indeed one thing we can/should add to the "how to get started". Freshmeat
was made for such announcements as well, and not just patches/updates. Of
course developers still can sign up for featured projects. However, since
there will only be one featured project at the time, this will make things a
lot more clear than what I have done so far with LGB. Once a project is no
longer featured (next month), a new one takes it's place and the project
comes in the gameprojects list and probably in a "previous features" list.
By then the project should have a maintainer, mailinglist and website, so
all new contributions can be done outside of LGDC.

Any suggestions on whether this would be appropriate for LGDC? And wish me
luck on my exams.. =)


PS: I will probably add Global Dominance's website to the page too, as soon
as I find the URL in my mailbox.
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