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Re: Announcement date

Michael Maher wrote:

>> I would like to suggest that you not announce on Slashdot on a Friday.
>> It seems to me that the Slashdot readership (and the tenor of the
>> resulting comments) tends to oscillate between predominantly software
>> developers on weekdays and "kewl" teenage techies on weekends.

>1) It really doesn't matter, The amount of crud and untrue  stuff 
>   along with the sheer masses of posts from weenies makes it almost 
>   impossible to follow those threads anyway.  Your lucky if you can 
>   even get to slashdot when it's not down.


Come on, it's not *that* bad, really. True, /. isn't as good as it was some
time ago, but it's still a very good site IMHO.

>What all this means is that it doesn't matter in the least when you post
>it b/c when you do it will be read and you will get feedback that says
>'You are 3l33t' no matter when you do it.  Everyone reads slashdot all the

Hmmm, I think I have to second that - I think the amount of bad posts
doesn't dramatically rise on weekends.

>time so it will be seen.  As far as following the threads?? well forget
>it.. anyone that had time to wait and respond to all those messages that
>take forever to come up b/c the system is so loaded down will never have
>any good feedback anyway.   I can't remember the last time I read more

Well, it's clear that simple flames don't need to be countered - it's
obvious to everyone that such posts are crap. The dangerous ones are
propably well-meant posts a la "Hmmm, they stated something about
'standards' and 'core developers' - I wonder if that's going to be a second
And it should be possible to effectively counter such posts, to get the
facts straight. 


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