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Re: Site update

Rob Kaper wrote:

>> Ok. Can you start some list about the "getting started" items we should
>> mention?
>Probably? I did some work just before my exam today:

Bad boy. You shouldn't neglect school ;)

>Perhaps we need to add a motivation with the importance of a good
>infrastructure. And maybe hint in a link to the Catherdral and the
>Bazaar.. if we agree that open source is beneficial to Linux game
>development than I see no reason not to promote it. =)

Apropos Bazaar: I think we generally need some links to opensource.org,
fsf.org, li.org etc for background information. Perhaps in some subsection
of the "Links" part...

><li>Show that site to <a
>href="http://www.linuxgames.com/hosting.shtml">LinuxGames</a>. They

linuxgames.org is also hosting such projects and I think sunsite denmark
(sunsite.auc.dk) also has a faible for this. Perhaps we can collect some
more addresses.

><li>A background page with your goals and motivations.
><li>A contact address for e-mail feedback.
><li>A detailed list of features and storyline. Show that you have more
>than an idea, that you have a plan!
><li>A wishlist for future releases and a description of the current
>status of the project. This will clarify why certain things don't work
>(well) yet. Also, it will allow your project team to remind all the
>brilliant conceptial ideas without having to scroll back through
>mailinglist archives.

In general: keep the visitors informed about what's happening - and THAT
something is happening.

>Bla, any suggestions? (with the previous mails in this thread in mind,
>what's in there won't be forgotten)

looks like an excellent start. I'll place it on the site tomorrow (Friday).


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