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Site update

Hi, I am ready to work on some site updates:

* Less HTML and more SSI/CGI. The LGDC site will grow and grow, and
  especially the menu's etcetera will become unmanagable when not using pure
  HTML. When I have time I will write a SSI/CGI that can do the sub-level
  stuff in a way gimp.org does.

* Possibly the new lay-out, or a CGI that allows you to change the lay-out
  on the fly with a cronjob or manual configuration.

* We need to start to launch some new projects, the way LGB did. One a
  month. First we need people who can maintain such a project and set up a
  website, then we can direct possible developers to that site/mailinglist.
  Working together with the .com site would be nice and handy here.

I'll do Step 1 tonight (starting right now). Step 2 after more people's
(positive) comments on the blue design, and Step 3 after further discussion.

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