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Site update

Still cannot connect to linuxgames.org.

Anyway, some more things I would like to do with everyone's agreement:

* For the game projects, add a little description and background info per
  game and here and there a little screenshot-alike box. This doesn't have
  to be for all games, but perhaps for the ones we (have) launch(ed)
  throught the Game Breeding section. Although content is very important,
  text-only will scare people away a bit, everyone likes nice graphics.

* A first project to be launched for December/January.

  I still had my idea of a Larry-alike adventure game featuring Tux. A few
  people already signed up for it through the old Game Breeding site. I will
  contact them and see if one of them is willing to maintain a
  website/mailinglist for the project. Then, we can feature it on LGDC as
  fourth feature game. (the first three would be Global Dominance, Altima
  and NUKE, unless we decided not to see LGB games as 'previous feature

* Website statistics in some way? How about a hidden counter that produces
  usefull stats for us? I happen to have wrote a program capable of doing
  so... just not sure if we need/want stats at all. Would be nice to know if
  ppl actually visit the site though.

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