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Re: Announcement date

> I would like to suggest that you not announce on Slashdot on a Friday.
> It seems to me that the Slashdot readership (and the tenor of the
> resulting comments) tends to oscillate between predominantly software
> developers on weekdays and "kewl" teenage techies on weekends.
> What do you folks think?

1) It really doesn't matter, The amount of crud and untrue  stuff 
   along with the sheer masses of posts from weenies makes it almost 
   impossible to follow those threads anyway.  Your lucky if you can 
   even get to slashdot when it's not down.

2) People want to hear about games .. they will read the post. 
   People who want to read about games usually say things like
   'kuhl/kewl' and read this stuff on the weekend.  

3) If it's not scandously posted email taken completely out of
   context and also misinterpreted (You can read slashdot to know
   what I'm talking about) It doesn't matter when you post it.
   People will read it.   I mean Slashdot is the 'Weekly World News'
   of Linux.  While alot of it is simply untrue, it's good reading
   and who doesn't like to hear about wolf babies being born by 
   pregnant teenage aliens.  

4) Because of the Slashdot crud that is posted, everyone reads it all day
   long to see who's going to say what next.  To see who will slanderously 
   post crap that is either untrue or 'leaked' out of some mysterious 
   hole.  So no matter when you post it people will read it. 

What all this means is that it doesn't matter in the least when you post
it b/c when you do it will be read and you will get feedback that says
'You are 3l33t' no matter when you do it.  Everyone reads slashdot all the
time so it will be seen.  As far as following the threads?? well forget
it.. anyone that had time to wait and respond to all those messages that
take forever to come up b/c the system is so loaded down will never have
any good feedback anyway.   I can't remember the last time I read more
than 2 messages in a thread.   

For the record, I don't care what people think, but John Carmack is a
whiner.  To me it's pretty low when you have to whine to Slashdot b/c you
don't get your way.

I think John Carmack and Rob Maldo get 'most tasteless' award for the
week.  The fact that they actually posted personal email to a place like
slashdot without permission simply to get 'ratings' is really low.   

Sorry for the blatant display of angst, 

-michael maher