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[Fwd: Linux and Independent Games Festival]

This is a mail I got from Brandom Van Every. Could be interesting!

Jorrit.Tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be, University Hospitals KU Leuven BELGIUM

        -- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

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I wanted to call the following to your collective attention.

The Independent Games Festival, a commercial contest,
is currently being discussed in c.g.d.industry and c.o.l.d.apps.  Linux
games are currently not eligible to enter the contest.  The questions are

1) are there enough Linux game developers to organize and lobby for entry
into the contest?

2) is a completely pushbutton temporary non-invasive Linux installation
possible, to run the Linux games?  You can't corrupt the judges' PCs,
that'll never fly, nor can you make it a hassle.

3) alternately, can the Linux community find a sponsor to put 10 Linux boxes
in the hands of 10 judges?

Aside from the newsgroups, the guy you want to get in contact with about
these matters appears to be Alex Dunne, Editor in Chief, Game Developer
Magazine, adunne@sirius.com .  Not me, I'm just a person trying to point you
folks in the right direction.  Additionally, I'd advise that kind words will
get you much farther than bile or demands.  Alex appears to be disposed to
help people with difficulties, if others are willing to carry their own
balls forwards.

Thought I'd let you know because I once was a Linux hacker myself.

It's going to be up to you guys to spread the word and drum up interest.
This isn't my crusade, personally speaking.  I just wanted to make sure that
you guys got your chance to have your voice heard.  Making it count, that's
up to you.

Cheers,                    3d graphics optimization jock
Brandon Van Every          Seattle, WA
If we are all Gods         and we have thrown our toys the mortals away
and we are Immortal        What shall we do
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