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linuxgames.org accounts


Ryan told me he has now created a "lgdc" group on linuxgames.org and is now
almost ready to hand out accounts in that group. "Features" are direct
write access to the website and an email address (username@linuxgames.org).
I suggest all core LGDC contributors get such an account (any pro/contra

The problem now is - who is a core contributor? ;)
My list for now is this (I'm pretty sure that it's incomplete or simply
wrong - after all it's based on my subjective impressions. Please correct
me if you find something. And btw it's unsorted. And please ask if you
don't know one of these people. And did I say it's surely wrong? ;):

* Ian Crawford
* Magnus Norddahl
* Rob Kaper
* Henti Smith
* Jorrit Tyberghein
* Charles Durst
* Ryan Stultz
* Nicholas Lee
* Jeff Read
* my humble being