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Re: ezmlm warning

Brett_A._Letner@notes.up.com wrote:

>Could anyone here explain this to me?  It seems I am in danger of being
>bounced from the list, but I'm not sure why or what I can do to prevent
>that.  I'm subscribed to the mailing list from work and I doubt I can get
>tech support to help fix a problem with a linux games mailing list.  Any
>help would be most appreciated.

Looks like your company's mail system rejects mail coming from the mailing
list. You should tell your admin about that.

>Connected to but sender was rejected.
>Remote host said: 500 Session already established. The domain name
>[sunsite.auc.dk] passed in with HELO will be ignored. The current domain
>name of sending SMTP is [smtp04.wxs.nl].


Daddy what does "FORMATING DRIVE C" mean?