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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

Joel Stanley wrote:

>I just got onto this mailing list so I'm really not sure how high the
>traffic is or what the postings are like. However, I figured I'd introduce
>myself anyway. :)

Well, the traffic is about 5 mails per day currently (hopefully rising ;)
and the messages are polite, happy and composed of ASCII chars ;)

>Where's a good place to start? I feel that if I start working with an
>existing API, I won't really have a good understanding of what's happening
>at the hardware level. Is this true? Should I try to avoid the existing
>APIs such as OpenGL or GGI or whatever else there is out there and just do
>some dinking around in assembly and perhaps use the SVGALib in C/C++?

All these APIs exist because it's terribly hard to program directly to the
hardware. Almost all gfx boards need to be accessed differently at the
lowest level, i.e. if you wanted to write a game that will run on more than
just a few computers you'd have to write about 80 versions of your gfx code
- one for each type of gfx board. Much fun ;)

Stick with existing APIs. It's better, believe me.


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