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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

On Sun, Nov 15, 1998 at 06:32:29PM -0500, Jeff Read wrote:
> Hey! Don't knock C++. Used properly, it can be your friend. :) One of
> the absolute WORST examples I've seen yet of C++ is the MFC classes. But
> my project, GAMES, uses C++'s object-oriented features to build a
> general-purpose game framework that isn't too hard to grasp. It isn't
> perfect, but it certainly beats trying to retrofit object-oriented
> concepts onto straight C. An arcade-style game is perhaps one of the few
> applications where object-oriented programming really shines, and
> procedural programming makes it a bit more difficult. And when it comes
> to object-oriented languages, for the right balance of object-oriented
> power, portability and speed (a critical factor in any game) C++ is
> among the best of your available choices.

I'm not knockicg anything, I'm just being realistic. C++ is my worst nightmare.
I've been stuck with it some time, and I still have bad dreams because of it.
OK, this is my opinion, and I welcome everybody to theirs, but making a
framework on C++ is depriving me my choice of language. I have to choose not to
choose that framework. :) So, there goes GAMES.

The solution? Write it in C, and make wrappers for C++, Java (JNI) or, look
what I have up in my sleeve: Objective-C. Yes, Objective-C! My choice of OO
language (next to Java, but Java is (still) not usable for games because of
it's speed, or better to say, it's lack of it).

Borko Jandras	<bjandras@public.srce.hr>