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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

On Wed, Nov 18, 1998 at 09:48:23AM +0100, Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
> Borko Jandras wrote:
> > Trouble, trouble. The real trouble IMNSHO is that who ever wants to use GAMES
> > is stuck with C++. If GAMES was in C, you could still do the game using it in
> > C++, or any other language.
> That's the kind of attitude which holds back progress. If people can't write libraries
> in C++ because there are still people who wants to use them from C how can we
> ever move away from C then?

Why should we? Or, maybe we should, but C++ _is not_ the only logical next
step. Come to thing of it, there isn't a logical next step! Not yet, that is.

> C++ is the best language for Crystal Space because it helps me design the engine
> better and easier. I refuse to go back to C simply because it is easier to interface
> with.

Well, in reality you're better of with C++, because of "helping you design
better and easier", and because there are lots of people that think C++ is god
sent. But the problem remains for the rest of us who don't want to switch to
windo... oh I mean C++, just because the mayority thinks that the world would
be a better place if everyone was using it.

Borko Jandras	<bjandras@public.srce.hr>