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Re: Interested in starting some basic development

Quoting Christian Reiniger (warewolf@mayn.de):

> Well, it's more or less the future for Linux, right. Sooner or later kgicon
> (from the GGI project) will be added to it, adding support for hardware
> acceleration and some more nice features. And later quite surely both of
> them will be replaced by kgi.
> But neither kgicon nor kgi are designed to be used directly by any
> program. Instead, libggi (see www.ggi-project.org for more) or something
> lying on top of it should be used.

I'm getting quite borred of hearing GGI people bla bla about their stupid
project. Let's talk about what GGI can do TODAY. Nothing is the keyword.
Give me direct access to the frame buffer? Great! This is also possible with
svgalib, Xfree86 and /dev/fb.

Just give me _one_ good reason to support GGI. They do not even have hw
accelerated surfaces (atleast not last time I asked on their mailing list).
Both GGI and PenguinPlay suffer from having plenty of talkers, but only very
few coders. I recall Alan Cox once wrote something about this on slashdot.
(although I do not have any url).

(I'm just tired of Christian constantly mentioning a project that doesn't have
any future, if they do not change course)

Magnus Norddahl
ClanLib developer