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Re: Linux and the Independent Games Festival

Brandon Van Every wrote:

>>Ok. But we first have to find people who can - and want - to participate
>>Linux games there. If such a person/group reads this, please contact either
>>me (warewolf@mayn.de) or (even better) the Linux Game Development Center
>>mailing list (linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk).
>It'll be interesting to see if you get any responses.  So far, it seems
>exactly zero persons are interested in entering, or at least they're not
>listening on Usenet.  Have you guys posted some announcements about the
>stuff on that mailing list?  That's the main reason I gave all you Linux
>game website/mailing list guys the heads up - nobody's interested on Usenet.
>The discussion/participation has to come from more focused quarters, i.e.
>the web/mail sites.

The original mail you sent around has been forwarded on the LGDC mailing
list (and I guess the people from linuxgames.com have done the same - can
anyone confirm that?). That will cover a great portion I think.
Well, we'll see if someone's interested...


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