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Linux & Net Yaroze

I sent off an email a while ago describing the Net Yaroze.  (For those
joining the list late it is a hobbyist's Playstation development kit.)

Since that time I've begun to put together a site to collect all the tools
for running it under linux.  The site is currently at
(No link exists from the main site yet.)  The machine is connected by a
28.8 modem which isn't too bad for most of the files but the compiler and
debugger are 18MB.  I think I can probably reduce this down but it will
likely still be large.  I was wondering if the linuxgames.org site might
consider hosting the information.

(For the bored: My simple graphics library is available from the site.
It only does 300x200 256 color without any hardware acceleration.)

Dennis Payne