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Re: X11 speed (was Re: Interested in starting some basic development)

Borko Jandras wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 19, 1998 at 08:31:32AM +0100, Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
> > > X? I did a very simple test. Opened up a 640x480 window and drawed a rectangle
> > > across it, using Mesa. It took cca. 150 milliseconds for each frame.
> > > Let me spare you the calculation, that's 6.6 fps. Can you live with that?
> > > Oh yes, the machine was K6-2 333. X just isn't made for such things.
> >
> > Crystal Space (yes that ugly C++ library of mine :-) runs with the following
> > speeds in X with a 640x480 window (16-bit display mode):
> >     My old pentium 90: 10 FPS
> >     My new P-II 400: 27 FPS
> >
> > And you have to keep in mind that it also has to do some rendering instead
> > of only blitting to the screen.
> Thit is better than what I get, but is still not enough. I don't know what kind
> of rendering CS does, but I would expect 10 fps on 486DX2-66.

Really? CS renders similarly to the Quake engine and Quake did not get those
speeds at all.

With the above speed numbers CS has to do:
    - Visibility determination of polygons in a world and clipping.
    - Full-screen perpective correct texture mapping.

Note that when I just blit the screen and don't do any rendering at all
I got speeds on my P-II 400 of about 350FPS (in X windows!).
I think that should be enough for most games :-)

> > You just have to use the SHM extension (shared memory extension).
> > This helps a VERY GREAT deal. With that extension you get almost the
> > same speeds as with svgalib but without the suid problems.
> I'm using SHM, that is Mesa is using it. Why is it so crappy then? How am I to
> make a decent game for Linux if you need K6-2 to play it.

Maybe it is Mesa that is causing the slow-down?


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