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Re: 2D sprite control

Magnus Norddahl <mbn@dark.x.dtu.dk> wrote:
> Quoting Johnny Taporg (taporg@yahoo.com):
> >
> > > 2d sprite control,
> > 
> > Yes!  If you saw my other email, I listed some sprite
> > libraries that I needed.  And I have yet to hear of
> > one that does exist...
> Well, ClanLib has a easy way of handling sprites (or surfaces as we
tend to
> call them). 

Thanks for the tip.  I just downloaded ClanLib, and
I'll be checking it out today.  

One quick comment, though.  In order to get it to
compile on my (RedHat 5.0) system, I needed to add
the line

#include <netinet/in.h> 

before resolv.h, in the file
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