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Re: FYI: Linux at "Independend Games"?

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> >Bernd Kreimeier wrote:
> >
> >Chris Schoeneman (www.bigfoot.com, IIRC) is considering
> >submitting bis "bzflag" (see review on gametome.linuxquake.com).
> Is this right, Chris? Then we'd have two Linux candidates (you and Dennis
> Payne) up to now.

Yes, that's right, though my game also runs under win32 and may
run on macintosh by the time of the festival.

There's also some weirdness that i'll have to check into.  bzflag
was sold commercially by a publisher between 8/8/98 and 10/31/98.
That publisher went out of business.  bzflag otherwise satisfies
the eligibility criteria.  A strict reading of the rules on the
web site (``games may not have a signed publisher at the time
they *enter* the Fesitival,'' their emphasis) implies that bzflag
is allowed.