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Re: FYI: Linux at "Independend Games"?

Chris Schoeneman wrote:

>> >Chris Schoeneman (www.bigfoot.com, IIRC) is considering

>Yes, that's right, though my game also runs under win32 and may
>run on macintosh by the time of the festival.

>web site (``games may not have a signed publisher at the time
>they *enter* the Fesitival,'' their emphasis) implies that bzflag
>is allowed.

Let's hope that. 

I now sent a mail to Alex Dunne (seemingly the one organizing that thing).
I attached a copy.


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I'm one of those trying to bring many good games to Linux. We heard about
the Independent Game Festival and that Linux is not among the officially
"allowed" platforms.

So far two people have signalled interest to participate with Linux title=
to us, so we now look at how to get them in.

IIRC the reason for not allowing Linux for the Festival was that the game=
are reviewed by independent jurors on their private computers and they ca=
be required to install Linux there, right?

So if we could organize that someone lends preconfigured Linux machines t=
the Jurors for that reviewing everything would be fine, right? ;)

I hope we can find a good solution for that.


PS: We now set up the new Linux Game Development Center website at
www.linuxgames.org , in case you're still interested in Linux Game
Development efforts.

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