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Quoting Christian Reiniger (warewolf@mayn.de):

> Hmmm, Did you have a look at ggiCopyBox () in libggi? Its description reads:
> ---
> This is a area-to-area-blit, all in the same visual. Copy the box
> described by x,y,w,h to the new location nx,ny. This automatically takes
> care of overlaps and optimizes for the given target (e.g. uses HW-accel or
> intermediate buffers as appropriate). 
> ---
> Sounds like the thing you're looking for (well, you have to open a visual
> containing some off-screen memory of course).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I remember, an off-screen visual is
stored in system memory.

Another thing. The above function requires the sprite/surface/image to be in
the same visual as the backbuffer, thus making it impossible to have the
surface in an off-screen visual?

Magnus Norddahl