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Re: FYI: Linux at "Independend Games"?

Bernd Kreimeier wrote:

>In a recent Game Developer (www.gdmag.com) magazine issue,
>Alex Dunne (GDmag editor) raised the question of a 
>Game Industry Sundance Festival. For the upcoming
>CGDC (www.cgdc.com), there is now a trial scheduled
>(see http://www.indiegames.com).
>The question has been raised whether Linux Developers
>will be able to participate, as there are no PC's with
>Linux installs provided. Quote:
>"... the upshot is that Linux probably isn't strictly 
>forbidden, but rather that anyone doing Linux development 
>would have to provide 10 computers running the OS.  Given 
>that the only reason Sony is acceptable is that Sony offered 
>to donate 10 playstations, this doesn't seem like an 
>unreasonable demand."

I'm quite sure we can organize something like that - most likely not a
donation <grin>, but lending preconfigured Linux PCs to the judges should
be ok, too.

>Chris Schoeneman (www.bigfoot.com, IIRC) is considering
>submitting bis "bzflag" (see review on gametome.linuxquake.com).

[A copy of this reply is CCed to Chris]

Is this right, Chris? Then we'd have two Linux candidates (you and Dennis
Payne) up to now.

>Might be worth digging for a few more developers. You
>don't have to be published, but you have to have a demo.


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