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Re: Linux and the Independent Games Festival

Dennis Payne wrote:

>> Well, we'll see if someone's interested...
>I've expressed interest to the organizers of the festival but the FAQ does
>say they won't be accepting Linux, BeOS, etc. for this year.  I suspect
>they won't be changing their mind without a lot of outcry.  My current
>plan is to finish my game as much as possible and port to DJGPP or
>windows.  (If you win you need to bring a machine to demo the game on
>so I'll be able to run Linux for that.)

I heard from various sources that it isn't that strict - it's mainly
because the judges are testing the games on their own computers (i.e. no
festival-sponsored machines) and it's somehow unreasonable to require them
to install Linux there.

If we can get into contact with the judges (Alex Dunne will know them) we
can organize some people from nearby Linux User Groups who can lend the
judges a computer running Linux for the testing.

So if you're serious about participating we'll see what we can do.


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