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Re: Tux the Tutor; was: Re: Site update

I'll de-lurk for a moment to mention that since the re-opening of the
Linux Game Tome 2 weeks ago, I've received three emails inquiring about
the availability of children's software for Linux.  Unfortunately, I
know of none. 



On 22 Nov, Jeff Read wrote:
> Rob Kaper wrote:
>>   I still had my idea of a Larry-alike adventure game featuring Tux.
> That reminds me of an idea I had a few weeks ago. Now that we have this
> nifty new technology at our disposal, what about some open source
> educational software for kids? We have to start out those little tykes
> right. This has been a thought running through my head. Something like
> "Tux Teaches" or "Tux the Tutor" or something. Everyone's favorite
> penguin would instruct youngsters about reading, math, spelling, etc.
> This kind of thing is what made Apple computers so popular in the 80's.
> And it's a compelling reason why, monopoly issues aside, many parents
> now choose a Windows PC for their kids. We could get some educators on
> board about this.
> Along similar likes would be a kid's shell and a kid's desktop that
> would make working under Linux fun and easy and quell the complaints
> from Windows weenies about how "you can't expect little kids to learn
> all those 'cryptic' Unix commands!" despite the fact that little fingers
> would probably be more dextrous at entering simple commands of a few
> letters than at dragging the infernal mouse around.
> (And because Linux is the internet's operating system, we could also
> have "Tux Teaches about the Internet", with special guest Mozilla, who's
> way cuter than Barney! ^_^)