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Re: Tux the Tutor; was: Re: Site update

bobz@mr.net wrote:

> I'll de-lurk for a moment to mention that since the re-opening of the
> Linux Game Tome 2 weeks ago, I've received three emails inquiring about
> the availability of children's software for Linux.  Unfortunately, I
> know of none.
> bobz
> http://gametome.linuxquake.com

I don't mean to be snippy, but I always thought that Linux *was* educational
software.  Although I wouldn't recommend it for under about age 12, it is
still an excellent OS for learning about computing and about programming
since everything is so open.  I still recommend it to other parents as a good
OS for their kids computer for them to learn about computers.
It would be nice though, if there were software to help kids learn about
reading and math and lower level skills (K-6 kind of education) like they
have for Windoze and Apple equipment.