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The search continues...

Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de> wrote:
> >> 2d sprite control,
> >
> >Yes!  If you saw my other email, I listed some sprite
> >libraries that I needed.  And I have yet to hear of
> >one that does exist...
> See Magnus' mail. Penguin2D sprite control is still far off. 

I downloaded and had a look at ClanLib... it had some
good points and some bad points.  Two big things are
keeping me from using it though: no XSHM, and no
main() (I like to be in control :-).

I'm also going to look at SDL, GAMES, and PTC to see
if any of them do what I want with sprites (I'm still
hoping that the library will be able to flip/turn
the surfaces while rendering, but we'll see).
Anyone with experience with these libraries that can
offer suggestions?
I'm hoping that what I need will be in one of them.

I also still haven't found a sprite-based collision
system.  That's the type of thing that's completely
system independant, so if it exists at all, it's
probably been around for DOS/windows long before.  If
anyone's seen anything of the sort, I'd love to hear
about it.

Finally, PTC is a cross-platform (including java!) 
graphics library that I just ran into which wasn't
listed on the site.  Their homepage is at

And what's up with MGL being on there?  I looked at
MGL's site, and although it's available under a
mozilla open source license, it only supports DOS and

> we'll have a tarball of the basic 2D system available next week, but
> basically just surface control. The fancier high level features will
> later.
> That's more or less the way it is done right now. Most of the parts
> completely independent of each other, not only to faciliate the
> date" issue but also to make it possible to freely mix them with
code from
> e.g. ClanLib or SDL or GAMES or ...

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