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Re: The search continues...

> > (I'm still hoping that the library will be able to flip/turn
> > the surfaces while rendering, but we'll see).
> No gfx card can do this using hardware acceleration. It is faster to store
> the image in all its different positions and then take advantage of hw
> accel.
Yes, and just to pull a shameless plug, in order to promote the use of
ClanLib ;-), it provides an incredible hack as a layer2 component called
a convex polygon surface provider, which makes it possible to warp a
surface onto a polygon, which in effect makes it
possible to write a _very simple_ surface-wrapper, which dynamically
rotates/scales/flips a surface (although it will most likely be slow
because it dynamically generates a new surface for each blit).

	Martin Starch - ClanSoft