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Re: Tutorials?

Paul Anderson wrote:

>If I may offer a suggestion as to something I would love to see on
>linuxgames.org.  I'd really like to see tutorials and basic info on things
>like 3D rendering, using ClanLib and CrystalSpace, etc.  In my position,
>as a fellow who wants to start writing games, I can't make hide nor hare
>of 3D rendering and using Mesa/OpenGL.  TTYL!

Tutorials for that stuff will appear as soon as someone volunteers to write
them ;)

But good that you remind me of that - we have to set up some guidelines for
these tutorials etc.
We'll need little example games on which we can demonstrate all this.
At the last (semi-) official IRC meeting Magnus and Jeff came up with some
ideas about that - Pong and 1-2 others I don't remember right now.
More suggestions?

Who starts with a list of such games and a note collection of the guideline
ideas discussed here?


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