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Re: New Sprite32/X version

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Magnus Norddahl wrote:

> "Originally a simple sprite engine for 16-bit Windows" ... "(BTW, I wised up
> a year ago and discontinued development for Windows in any of its flavors.)"
> A bit fanatic... but is that a no?

Yes and no. :) I actually managed to compile an earlier version on Win32.
But it required an X server. (Kinda like the Win32 version of GIMP
floating around.) With the new renderer architecture, it shouldn't be too
hard to supply a Win32-based renderer that uses GDI or DirectX to draw the
images on screen. An event processing loop compatible with the Win32 event
model will also be required. No, it's not as platform-independent as your
library... but I'm trying to not preclude Win32 as a possibility. A Win32
port just isn't a priority right now. :)