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some Quadra news

Quadra is looking for new people, with thoughts of finding a new
maintainer in the coming year or so...

There are now two new mailing lists, a low traffic announcement list and
a developer-oriented list.

There was a new release last week (1.1.6), with many interesting things
such as modular Svgalib support (so that Svgalib is not required
anymore). The CVS version has now converted all of the images to PNG
format, which results in half the disk space requirements.

CRAP! Trying to look up some bugus stats from SourceForge "top projects"
pages turned out to be not so bogus! I am totally surprised by our 6th
most active game (48th most active this week, all projects combined)!

We have a 98.31% activity percentile on SourceForge (meaning that this
percentage of projects on SourceForge are lazier than us :-) ), putting
us at the 602th position of all time most active.

(activity on SourceForge is a composite rating given on web page views,
downloads, CVS and bug tracker activity)

So, as you can see, we're nothing but a dying project, but as the
maintainer (me) becomes more and more tired, it might become one. I
would like to avoid this as much as possible, Quadra being such a cool

"And 1.1.81 is officially BugFree(tm), so if you receive any bug-reports
on it, you know they are just evil lies." -- Linus Torvalds

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