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Re: URGENT: lgdc mailing list flood

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Reiniger <creinig@mayn.de> writes:

 Christian> The main lgdc mailing list (linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk) is
 Christian> being flooded with bounces from some other server (~150
 Christian> mails up to now, with new ones appearing at about 1 per
 Christian> minute). Subject "Mail failure".

What a nightmare! It was the address MSGW.Mark_Collins@sdreams.co.uk
which bounced, and the mailserver at sdreams.co.uk is either seriously
broken or configured wrong - anyway - it bounces mails to the From:
header and not the envelope address. Sigh.

There is, unfortunatly, no 100% sure way to catch bounces from broken
mail servers, but I have removed him from the list now.

Let us hope, that they do get their software fixed - FAST!

Does any of you know what kind of software this is:

220 sdreams.co.uk InterChange ESMTP v3.50 Ready



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