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Re: URGENT: lgdc mailing list flood

Now *that's* how response times should be :)
Thanks, Karsten

On Tuesday 28 November 2000 23:00, Karsten Thygesen wrote:
>  Christian> The main lgdc mailing list (linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk) is
>  Christian> being flooded with bounces from some other server (~150

> There is, unfortunatly, no 100% sure way to catch bounces from broken
> mail servers, but I have removed him from the list now.

Do you filter for common "bounce" messages?

> Does any of you know what kind of software this is:
> 220 sdreams.co.uk InterChange ESMTP v3.50 Ready

in the mail header it says InterChange(Hydra)
Google says: www.infinite.com is the company producing it.

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator, LGDC (http://sunsite.dk/lgdc/)

Pretty cool, the kind of power information technology puts in our hands
these days.

- Securityfocus on probing 36000000 hosts for known problems in 3 weeks

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