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Re: URGENT: lgdc mailing list flood

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Reiniger <creinig@mayn.de> writes:

 Christian> Now *that's* how response times should be :) 

"Lucky" is more appropriate :-)

 >> There is, unfortunatly, no 100% sure way to catch bounces from
 >> broken mail servers, but I have removed him from the list now.

 Christian> Do you filter for common "bounce" messages?

Well - no. ezmlm is more clever than that - it delivers mails to
subscribers so that each subscriber get his own private envelope
address / return path, and that way, ezmlm know excately which address
is bouncing even if it have been forwarded to other domains etc. 

Some (very few!) broken mail systems bounces to the From: header, and
not envelope, which is wrong acording to the RFC's about mail.

 >> Does any of you know what kind of software this is:
 >> 220 sdreams.co.uk InterChange ESMTP v3.50 Ready

 Christian> in the mail header it says InterChange(Hydra) ...  Google
 Christian> says: www.infinite.com is the company producing it.

Well - they claim they have 20.000.000 satisfied customers... I sure
hope, that it not a general fault in their mailserver product, but
some configuration error at sdreams.co.uk instead... :-)


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