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Re: Interesting automake bug

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Chris Purnell wrote:

>This is the implicit make rule again.  Just as before with your header
>files.  Make has an implicit rule to make an executable out of a c++
>source file as well as one to make a ".o" object file.

I really don't get it. If I have something like this:

## programs
bin_PROGRAMS    = panzers

panzers_SOURCES = blast.cpp                 \
                  camera_manipulator.cpp    \

Why would it determine that "connection" is an application? Each of those
files does have a corresponding .hh file, but they're not even mentioned
anywhere. Why should their mere existence throw automake out in the
dark goblin woods?

>The reason you were not having this problem before you switched to
>automake was because your previous makefile did not have your header
>files or this setup file as any of the dependancies.
>Other people don't have this problem by avoiding this kind of file naming.

So .hh is illegal according to GNU standards too? A few mails ago it was
recommended to switch to .hh or .h, and I chose .hh, as Emacs recognices
those files as being C++ headers (.h will be interpreted as a C header)

I have no <foo> left, they're all <foo.hh> now. What is legal file naming
then? If it is this hard to even use automake for C++, it must be
impossible to use for other languages. :)

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