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Re: Interesting automake bug

On Monday 25 November 2002 18:42, you wrote:
> Now it seems to work, at least I can edit a file and do an incremental
> build without problems.

You didn't really expect that a software which is used by tons of projects 
would be that buggy, did you? :)

Note that 'make dist' can produce rather strange tarballs, better use 'make 
distcheck' instead.
This requires you to mention each and every file somewhere (either in a 
variable or in EXTRA_DIST), but catches errors such as forgotten files or 
wrong internal dependencies.

In case you don't like perl, a python-based replacement is work in progress in 
kdenonbeta/unsermake (which has a strange name but then again your new game 
isn't any better ;).


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