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Re: Interesting automake bug

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Chris Purnell wrote:

>On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 06:22:57PM +0200, Jan Ekholm wrote:
>> On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Chris Purnell wrote:
>> >This is the implicit make rule again.  Just as before with your header
>> >files.  Make has an implicit rule to make an executable out of a c++
>> >source file as well as one to make a ".o" object file.
>> I really don't get it. If I have something like this:
>> ## programs
>> bin_PROGRAMS    = panzers
>> panzers_SOURCES = blast.cpp                 \
>>                   camera_manipulator.cpp    \
>>                   connection.cpp          
>>                   ....
>> Why would it determine that "connection" is an application? Each of those
>> files does have a corresponding .hh file, but they're not even mentioned
>> anywhere. Why should their mere existence throw automake out in the
>> dark goblin woods?
>The building of "connection" was from before you renamed the header file
>from "connection" to "connection.hh".  The header files are mentioned
>in the #include lines in the .cpp files.

No, not anymore. I fixed all those and committed them some hours ago. The
current sources have no mention of headers without .hh anymore. (except
one place, see below)

>But that is all fixed now.  The remaining problem is the building of
>"setup".  Havining a look at your Makefile.am in CVS I see that you
>have "setup" with no suffix in panzers_SOURCES.

Ah, yes, that one should *definitely* not be there. I've been staring at
that Makefile.am for propably hours today, and I didn't notice it.
Removing it removed the last thing that went wrong.

Now it seems to work, at least I can edit a file and do an incremental
build without problems. 

Chris, thanks a lot for the patient help. I guess I can be a PITA when I
get frustrated... 

Time for an initial release, maybe someone can benefit from my piece of

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