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Re: Newbie seeks guidance

John Moore a écrit :

I want to break into game development (for fun really) but don't want to switch to Windows to do it. However, I want to make my games portable so my friends/family can play on their windows machines. Can you point me to some resources for developing platform-independent games on linux? I'm going to start with a simple card game and chess game, so I probably just need simple 2-d graphics. Can I get away with QT or is there a much better route to take. Thanks for any suggestions.
I'm surprised by the answer you've got. Everybody seems to tell you that you must use SDL or OpenGL, but I think they all missed the point.

Obviously, you don't want to create arcade or 3D games at first, only card anc chess games at this point. These are not the same types of applications, and I think you are right with your choice of QT.

If you look at other games in this category (PySol, Hearts, Gnome Chess, etc.) they use GUI libraries like QT, GTK+ or WxWidgets. In my opinion, there is absoluteley no reason to use SDL, OpenGL or any action game orientation library for this type of game.