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Re: Newbie seeks guidance

John Moore a écrit :
Although I'll probably tend toward QT for cards/chess (since I'm familiar
with QT), I do appreciate all the advice I've been given. I was a little
hesitant to stick with Linux because I'd prefer not to have to switch
platforms; I'd like to focus on the games. So I'm pleased to hear ANY
suggestions, including libraries,tools,etc that'll come in handy later.
Thanks all!
For 3D action type games, I think the best option is the OGRE library for rendering, coupled with SDL for input management, ODE for physics and OpenAL/OpenAL++ for sound/music. If you don't want to do 3D, you can still use Allegro or SDL, or use OpenGL as has being said by others. About the tools, I think Wings3D (modeling) and Blender (texturing/animation) are the best candidates for 3D modeling, Gimp being the best tool for 2D texture editing.

One thing to consider is the link between programming libraries and tools, and Ogre is very good in this domain, having exporters for many modeling package, including Wings3D and Blender. If you know or find artists who use other tools, there are good chances that their tools are supported by OGRE too.

After that, it depends on what you want to do. If you want top-notch libraries you can use the ones I mentionned. If you want simpler libraries, with less functionnality but easier to grasp, Glut/FreeGlut/Plib might be a better choice.