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Re: Announcement

NJ Lee wrote:


>> <looking> Hmmm, they don't have editorials. So we can't post the entire
>> thing there - but we can give them the link.
>I would say that the best idea.  The site is quite popular.

Ok. So we have

* Slashdot or Freshmeat (full text on the one, Link on the other)
* Linux Daily News                        (Link)
* comp.os.linux.announce                  (full text)
* comp.games.development.programming.misc (full text)

Note: If there's no decision on whether we'll post the full announcement
text on Slashdot or on Freshmeat I'll simply post it to Freshmeat (+ give
the link to it to Slashdot) as soon as the stuff is ready (see other mail
for more).


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