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Re: Linux Kernel Wonder

Dennis Payne wrote:

> After hearing about the LokiHack contest I've been trying to think of
> what needs to be added to Civilization.  As a simple addition it occured
> to me that a Linux kernel and/or GNU system could be added as a wonder.
> But I'm not sure what game effect it should have.  Suggestions?  (Also
> thought of maybe GNU Hurd as obsoleting the Linux wonder :)

Nah, you're looking at it in the wrong way.  A Free computer operating system
could be a wonder (15% bonus on all scientific production?), but not any one. 
The main thing is that the platform be free, which leads to it being good.  It
doesn't matter if it's a finnish grad student writing a UNIX clone or Apple
GPL'ing MacOS: the important thing is that it's free which leads to quality. 
Also, AI should obsolete it (after all, once you have a sufficient AI, you can
just get *it* to write you an operating system.)

That having been said, since it's a *free* operating system, it doesn't really
benefit any one country more than another, as there are no export controls and
no secracy.  It benefits the entire world, and therefor doesn't have much of
specific effect on the country that produced it.  After all, do you see Finland
riveling any of the major powers in the world?


"Choose a fscking big computer, choose hard disks the size of washing machines,
old cars, CD ROM writers and electrical coffee makers. . . Choose your future.
Choose to sysadmin."  -Meg Wells, VA Linux