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LGDC update

	Hi all,

	Here's a quick note from me on the LGDC website as I have one last
mid-term exam tomorrow that I am currently studying for. While I have been
quiet on the mailing list, I have put in a little work on the site during
studying breaks. (That and playing a little Drakken!) So, currently we have
a working MySQL database (thanks to Esben) and php-based MySQL web front
end (thanks to Esben and to the phpMyAdmin group). Also, I have a polling
system that is operational. I have revamped the graphics to make them a
little snazzier, too. Once tomorrow's exam comes and goes, I will begin
scripting the php-based pages that will serve up news, basic links and
such. After that, we can begin in earnest on the more complex projects.

	So, hold on. We're on the home stretch... :) :)

	Oh well, that's that. Now, back to System Software studies...

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster