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Re: Colours

At 11:40 AM 10/5/99 +0000, you wrote:
>My eyes don't see light-text-on-dark-background well, so I tend to set
>my browser to override colours.
>Are you able/willing to correct this, please? If I continue on the project
>I'm toying with, I'm likely to need the information on this (and other,

	I have been thinking about this. My thoughts are that we should drop the
current color scheme. I received another similar letter a while back from
someone accidentally colorblind who wanted/needed more contrast. Secondly,
it would make generating printable versions of the articles much easier.
Currently, tables and code receive a lot of fiddling to make them work with
the color scheme. Does anyone object? 

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster