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Re: Some questions: OpenGL and free 3D models

Keith Lucas wrote:

> Q1: How can you tell, through GL or Glut if you're running in a window or
> fullscreen? If I'm running full screen, it would be nice to grab the pointer so
> people can't lose focus or to maximise the window to cover the desktop. If not,
> filling the screen would be rude and I need to let the user resize the window.

Well, at present, there are really only two cards that are going to be
in hard full-screen, the Voodoo-1 and Voodoo-2. Everything newer than
will work in-a-window - and nothing older has a GL driver.

So, the question boils down to: Do we have a crap Voodoo-1/2 here - and
can find that out by examining the results of the variousl glGetString
returns.  Once you know you have a Voodoo card, you need to know if you
are in fullscreen or *emulated* in-a-window mode - and for that you have
to test the MESA_GLX_FX environment variable.


> Q2: Anyone know of any sources for free 3D models? I'm looking in particular for
> low polygon models of things like WWII tanks and infantry.

I doubt you'll get very lucky there - free 3D models are very few and
between.  Check the 3D cafe (www.3dcafe.com) - you might find maybe
one thing you need.

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