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Re: Some questions: OpenGL and free 3D models

>> Q1: How can you tell, through GL or Glut if you're running in a window or
>> fullscreen?

>can find that out by examining the results of the variousl glGetString
>returns.  Once you know you have a Voodoo card, you need to know if you
>are in fullscreen or *emulated* in-a-window mode - and for that you have
>to test the MESA_GLX_FX environment variable.

I was wondering if it would end up being something like this. Yum. Maybe I
should just support a command line option for "fullscreen" that does a full
screen window if we're in a window mode. What do other people do? All the glut
examples just ignore the problem... (and hence you can lose focus and not be
able to quit the program easily :-)

>> Q2: Anyone know of any sources for free 3D models?

>I doubt you'll get very lucky there - free 3D models are very few and
>between.  Check the 3D cafe (www.3dcafe.com) - you might find maybe
>one thing you need.

That's what I figured. {There seems to be any amount of Xwing meshes for ftp
though...:-} Looks like I better learn a cad package then. It's actually the
humanoid figures that're causing me the problem, I can't really figure out how
to get them low count and yet reasonable looking. Might have to invest in one of
those books on computer graphics from an artist's side, see if that helps. Guess
when I'm done I better donate them to the world, save someone else doing this.

Thanks for the info!