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Re: Colours

>I have been thinking about this. My thoughts are that we should drop the
>current color scheme. I received another similar letter a while back from
>someone accidentally colorblind who wanted/needed more contrast. Secondly,
>it would make generating printable versions of the articles much easier.
>Currently, tables and code receive a lot of fiddling to make them work with
>the color scheme. Does anyone object?

I've always been of the opinion that the information is the important part of a
web-page. If it's not visible for one reason or another, there's no point in the

Dark text on light background is more natural to read, and suffers less from
colour haloing on mis-aligned monitors. Sans serif fonts are easier to read.
Design is supposed to be elegant. When the design gets in the way, it's bad
design. There's no reason to make web-pages hard to read, but an amazing number
of people are desperate to do so.

Go for simple, clear and elegant. If you're going to use colours, use a few, use
them sparingly and use them to do things, not just for the sake of it.