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Re: Some questions: OpenGL and free 3D models

At 09:07 AM 10/6/99 +0100, you wrote:
>That's what I figured. {There seems to be any amount of Xwing meshes for ftp
>though...:-} Looks like I better learn a cad package then. It's actually the
>humanoid figures that're causing me the problem, I can't really figure out how
>to get them low count and yet reasonable looking. Might have to invest in 

	Here's a great tutorial on making human models. Mind you, there is minimal
nudity, so the easily-offended need not follow the link. But, Paul Steed
(from id Software and Q3A) shows you how to create a model from a pic of a
human in 3DSMax. He uses a Kelly Monaco pic (rowr, rowr!) but any human pic
can be used to make very convincing models, and I suppose the principle
could be extended to other modelers. At least, it makes a good, free
starting point.


	While you are there, check out the Thinking Outside The Box series. There
are other good modeling tutorials.

	It'd be neat to have a similar column for our site, done with a freely
accessible linux modeler. Oh, the dreams... :) :)

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster