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Re: Some questions: OpenGL and free 3D models

On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 08:28:59AM -0400, Paul Tiseo wrote:
> 	Here's a great tutorial on making human models. Mind you, there is minimal
> nudity, so the easily-offended need not follow the link. But, Paul Steed
> (from id Software and Q3A) shows you how to create a model from a pic of a
> human in 3DSMax. He uses a Kelly Monaco pic (rowr, rowr!) but any human pic
> can be used to make very convincing models, and I suppose the principle
> could be extended to other modelers. At least, it makes a good, free
> starting point.
> 	http://www.loonygames.com/content/1.31/totb/

This tutorial does not show you how to create a model from a pic.
It is a tutoral about how to reduce the polygon count of your model
using the one he had made of Kelly Monaco as an example.

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