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Re: Some questions: OpenGL and free 3D models

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>         Hmm. I read it a long while ago and kept the link to the looniboy site as
> a result. Seems like the 'idea' is there on how to use real pics to create
> models. The end of the article, doesn't he create a 'leg' model using pics
> of legs?

Yes - but this guy is after ~100 triangle models.

You aren't going to be producing anything too photo-correct with such a
low polygon count.

Suppose you look at the number of elements you need:

  hands x 2
  feet  x 2
  lower arms x2
  upper arms x2
  lower leg x2
  upper leg x2
  Lower torso x1
  Upper torso x1
  Neck x1
  Head x1

If each one of those parts is either a cube or a hexagonal tube,
you have 16 parts with 12 triangles each.  Oops! Blew your triangle
count already!

So, at 100 triangles, human figures are going to be VERY simple,
the best you can hope for is getting the dimensions about right
and splat a decent texture over it.

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