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Re: Some questions: OpenGL and free 3D models

Paul Tiseo wrote:

> >This tutorial does not show you how to create a model from a pic.
> >It is a tutoral about how to reduce the polygon count of your model
> >using the one he had made of Kelly Monaco as an example.
>         Hmm. I read it a long while ago and kept the link to the looniboy site as
> a result. Seems like the 'idea' is there on how to use real pics to create
> models. The end of the article, doesn't he create a 'leg' model using pics
> of legs?

Yep, I remember this tutorial, it's basically a two parter, first limiting the
polycount and then creating a leg by drawing a front and a side view in 2D
and then somehow tricking that into, er, well, a leg.

> are editorials rather than tutorials.) Since no one else even came close to
> helping Keith with his desire to get to understand modeling, I thought the
> looniboy site might help him. <shrug>



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